Scholarship for International Students to Study in Ireland for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programme

scholarship in Ireland international students

There are a lot of Scholarship available for International – Indian, Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Brazil, China, USA, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Peru, Mexico – students to take advantage of to study in Republic of Ireland. To be selected for any of the scholarships you have to be exceptionally brilliant because they are all highly competed for. The list of the scholarships on this page include the departmental, NGO, private and government scholarship for international students. So if you are from Russia, Indonesia, Rwanda and some other part of the world you are qualified putting aside all other attributes.

General Scholarships
1. The Hamilton Scholars Ireland International for PhD – Mathematics and Theoretical Physic
2. Hyman Tario Scholarship for LLM Law. Applies to Australian national
3. Kader Asmal Fellowship Scholarship for Human Right Law LLM International and comparative law. Applies to South Africa and Zimbabwe national.
4. CNPq PhD Funding Scholarship available to Brazilian through National Counsel of Technological and Scientific Development (Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Cientifico e Technological). Applies to Brazilian who wish to PhD in foreign university.
5. Fullbright Scholars Programme for postgraduate study, research and teaching. Available to US students.
6. Mitchell Scholarship aim to develop American future leader. A year graduate study.
7. Generation Study Abroad Scholarship for US students in Ireland.
8. Study Abroad STEM and GO OVERSEAS scholarship applies to North American Students studying abroad.

Having list all the above scholarships for international student there are some that are pertaining to certain universities in Ireland.

University Departmental Scholarships
1. Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) Centenary Scholarship for masters students
2. Global Excellence Undergraduate Scholarship for new non-EU student at Trinity University, Ireland
3. Bachelor in Business Studies Scholarship. 1st year undergraduate.
4. Masters Scholarship in School Language Literature and Cultural Studies -Trinity University
5. Usher Fellowship for post graduate scholarship -Trinity university
6. Post graduate research Studentship scholarship for full time, new students and PhD programme.

For more on the departmental and all other scholarships from the universities and institute of technology in Ireland:

  1. Trinity College, Dublin
  2. Dublin City University
  3. National University  of Ireland, Galway
  4. Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland
  5. National University, Ireland, Maynooth
  6. University College, Dublin
  7. University of Limerick

Check any of the above mentioned website pages and see the whether the scholarship that can benefit you and their requirement,

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