Henkel/EGIL Industries Limited, Oluyole Ibadan Maker WAW Soap

henkel/EGIL industries limited

Henkel/EGIL is a company in Ibadan that make detergent -WAW and Nittol- and bar soap for home and industrial use.

Henkel/EGIL industries Limited was formed in Oyo State, Nigeria in 2010 and it started production 3 years latter. At the inception of the company, the name with which it was called is Expand Global Industries Limited and the information available at the time said the company came from Lagos.

After some years of growth and expansion, part of the company (57.5%) was sold to Henkel, a German company in 2016 for $122 million and thereafter the name was changed to Henkel/EGIL Industries Limited to reflect the identity of the new owners.

Within the short years of production Henkel/EGIL industries has experience a tremendous growth, especially after the company was bought into by Henkel.

Expansion make them take over the yard and the factory complex of former Prestige Block Industry downside the company. Further expansion in years 2016 – 17 saw Henkel/EGIL occupying the former yards of Wytak Press and Kaypee Furniture at backside.

That same year, to improve the working conditions of it’s numerous workers, the company decided to build a well structure dinning room for them and the project was given to Cherry G Engineering to be built.

Henkel/EGIL Salary Structure

You dream of working there? Or having an interview with them? These are the summary of the salary you are prone to be presented with as a technician.

In actual fact the salary structure for technicians depend on certificate a candidate hold and the years of experience he/she get.
Technician -OND Holder- mechanical or electrical get at least N80,000 per month. HND or Bsc get N100,000 – N120,000 per month.
Supervisor (Technician) may be given N150,000 or more per month.

Note: this salary structure is subject to review at any time.

Henkel/EGIL Location/ADDRESS

Having an appointment with them?
Henkel/EGIL is located on plot 9, along Mobil -Oluyole- Are Avenue road, Oluyole Industrial Estate Ibadan

The company is opposite Yale 3.

From anywhere in Ibadan take a cab to Mobil bus stop Ring Road. From Mobil take a commercial motorcycle (okada) to Yale 3, but tell the driver you will alight at WAW (that is the name by which the company is called by everybody) you will be taken there.

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