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Vertical Wrapping Packaging Machine | Top 5 Reasons Heat Jaws Fail Cut Film

Vertical Wrapping Packaging Machine | Top 5 Reasons Heat Jaws May Fail to Cut Film

There are many reasons why the heat jaw of vertical wrapper packaging machine may not cut film properly or at all.

Vertical wrapping machine is commonly use by companies making granulated products.

Sometime while using the machine may fail to cut the film, and as a technician you start to look for a way to make the machine cutting the film again. What and where go you go and do to make the machine start cutting again.

Some years back, many of this machine cut manually, that is they make use cam that strike a shaft that hold the knives to cut the film. Nowadays many of the many work pnuematically.

causes of Inability of the Machine to Cut.
One major reason the machine may not cut film is when the knife is not stricking the film. This may case by air not pushing the knives at all or the force with which the air push the knife is not enough to pierce the film
Solution: Try to increase the air pressure on the knife if the pressure is not enough and if is it not coming out at all, try to know wat cause it.

Sometime the machine may not be cutting simply because the cutting knife in the heat jaw is blunt.
Solution: in this situation sharpen the knife using a good flat file. If it is too blunt beyond filing remove the knife and replace with new sharp knife,

sometime it may be that the heat jaws of the machine does not close against each other well. Before cutting could be effected on the vertical wrapping machine, the jaws must grip the film well in between then for the knife to be able to cut it. If the condition is missing the machine may not cut the film
Solution: adjust the jaws to merge well into each other when they close, so that they can hold the film well for knife to cut it when the knee is strucked.