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Chain and Sprocket: 3 Top Reasons Chain is Jumping Out of Sprocket

Chain and Sprocket: 3 Top Reasons Chain is Jumping Out of Sprocket

chain and sprocket

As a motorcycle user or a technicians in charge of machines that are using roller chain and sprocket to drive the system, you might have came across a situation whereby chain is jumping out of the sprocket continually.

The situation may cause inexperience technician a trouble and it may make machine owner spent a lot of money to correct the situation if care is not taken.

This problem is common to all the machines – including motorcycles and bicycles – that are using chain and sprocket.

Chain Jumping out of Sprocket: Causes and Solution:

If you are experiencing this type of problem on your machine here are the possible causes and solutions

The sprocket is not well aligned with the chain: on any chain and  sprocket setting there must be drive and the driven sprocket. The drive will turn the chain mechanically or manually which in turn the driven. In a situation whereby the two sprocket are not well align -one go in on it’s shaft than the other- this may cause the chain to be jumping out of sprocket.

Solution: Make sure both sprockets are well set to align with each other.

The chain may be a bit long: the chain may have gained some extra length due to continuous usage overtime and this may result in it jumping out of sprocket

Solution: tight the chain tension adjuster to make the chain firm against the sprockets. And if too long to be controlled by tension adjuster you can reduce the length of the chain by cutting from it and later re-joined it.

The teeth of one of the sprocket involved might have worn and reduce in height: In this case the sprocket will not be able to hold and drive the roller chain properly and because the height of the teeth are worn and reduced in height the chain may be jumping out of the sprocket

Solution: try to remove the worn sprocket and replace with good one.