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Where to Buy Tokunbo/Fairly Used Computer Cheap, Ibadan.

Where to Buy Cheap Tokunbo / Fairly Used Computer in Ibadan.

The famous Ekotedo – Adamasingba Street, Ibadan

There are three major market for used computer in the ancient city of Ibadan. At any of these market, you can get your tokunbo computer at a rock bottom price. It is even better to buy from these market than going to Lagos, taken into consideration the transport fare to Lagos, the pain you will pass through to Lagos and the difficulty of returning the gadget if there is any complaint about it.

At the time when a dollar was being sold for N490, the price of 1GB of ram, Pentium 4, Window XP Professional, 120GB of hard disc computer was N10,000. At some places you can even get it cheaper depending on how good you are able to negotiate price.

The Computer Markets
The first market stretch from Old Dugbe Alawo bus stop to Ekotedo to Adamasingba, down to Mokola roundabout. From one shop to another, big or small you will find fairly used computer on display begging for customers to buy them. They are not only selling fairly used computer but also the computer accessories.

The second market is Iwo Road. Iwo Road in Ibadan is a very long street. It stretches from Gate to as far as Olodo area. Part of the street well known for selling tokunbo computer is from Bestway down to Ile-Pupa Bus stop and as far as Iwo road roundabout.

You can also get cheap fairly used computer at Challenge. The tokunbo computer market at Challenge is not as big as the aforementioned two markets, but if where you live is far from the two markets, you can shop for your fairly used computer there. Just go to Ogo Oluwa shopping complex and some shopping complex opposite Glo office.