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A Thailand Man Landed in A Hospital for Using Cock Ring

A Thailand Man Landed in A Hospital for Using Cock Ring

cock or penis rings

A Thailand man simply known as Moss landed himself in trouble after using a cock/penis ring on his manhood.

The man about 33 year old had sought a medical help after the penis ring he had worn around his penis had caused the organ to swell painfully and was unable to remove it himself.

The man who was not shy of his predicament walk himself into Pattaya City Hospital to see if the medical staffs there could have solution to his problem.

After series of try by the medical team to remove the ring got to nothing, they sought the help of workers at Sawang Boriboon Foundation who ware able to remove the cock ring by shielding the ring around the penis and then using cutting tool to break it open, thereby relieving the man of his pain.

The man did not disclosed why he had been using the ring, but expert says cock rings are mostly use to correct erection dysfunction by restricting the flow of blood from erect penis thereby produce strong erection and or maintain erection for a longer time. It is also said to be used to preposition  genital thereby create an enhance appearance.

Meanwhile, the man had been discharge with his pain no more there.