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Groom Walk Away from Wedding Ceremony Because of Bride Price

Groom Walk Away from Wedding Ceremony Because of Bride Price

The day that supposed to be a day of joy for Ms Benjaporn Wareesri suddenly turn sour just because the husband to be -Adirek Chadchan was unable to matched the asking pride price.

This incident occurred in Phimai District in the Northeastern part of Nakhon Ratchasima Province in Northeast Thailand, the residence of the bride family and the place where the wedding should have taken place.

On Saturday the groom has traveled in convoy of his friends and relatives from Pichit to Phimai.  They got there very early in the morning to perform wedding rites with intention to eventually take away his longtime girlfriend as wife. For some hours every thing were going on well as planned until when the groom family present the bride family with pride price on a gift tray. On counting the money presented as pride price, the bride family discovered that it was short of 50,000 baht.

Before Saturday,  after Adirek Chadchan and  Ms Benjaporn Wareesri have agreed to marry each other, the bride family has made a request for 100,000 baht in cash and 1 gold worth 50000 baht as bride price. The groom family had agreed to the demand, but on the wedding day they were unable to pay the bride families as demanded. All effort to make the groom family pay the balance of the pride price failed, the groom family insist that that was what they were able to offer.

When both families were not able to settle the matter amicably the groom and his families pack the pride price and walk away. On seen the event of the day unfolded like that the bride just bust into crying.

Meanwhile the bride had been taken to Phimai Police Station to lodge a complaint asking the groom to he held responsible for what happened to her and her family and to compel him to offset the bill of the wedding expenses.

When contacted, Deputy Chief of Phimai Police station Poi Lt. Denchar Chamnarnnaimuang said police would call the groom so as to settle the matter amicably.