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South Africa Visa Fee and Processing Time in Nigeria

South Africa Visa Fee and Processing Time in Nigeria

South Africa Visa Fee and Processing Time in Nigeria

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This page give all the information you may need about South African Visa. Among many other things you will know about the South Africa visa fee, the processing time and more.

There are about 9 different types of visa available  and are group under two categories -short time visa and long time visa. Each of these visa has requirement specific to it. So if you want to know the South Africa visa requirement, you must be specific or else you may be getting nowhere.


South Africa Visa Fee

Starting from the visa fee. This page may not be able to give you a specific visa fee, because it is dictated in Nigeria by many factors including currency exchange rate. So the fee can change anytime without prior notice.

By the time this article was been putting together, the South Africa Visa fee and service charge was between N34320.00 for students and visitors visa and N56320.00 for Exceptional Skill, General Work Permit,  Critical Skill, Business and Retired Person  Visas. Check here it might have changes.


To the Processing Time.

The South Africa visa processing time is between 6 and 8 weeks.

in addition, as a Nigerian if you hold diplomatic, official or service passport you may not require visa to enter South Africa and stay there for maximum of 90 days.

If you have one of these travel documents – African Union laissez Passer and/or South Africa Development Community laissez passer- you do not need South Africa visa for a visit up to 90 days.


South Africa Visa Requirements

Visa requirement varies. It depends on the type of visa you are applying for. On this page is shown the general requirement of the most sought after South Africa visa – visitor visa. Go here to see detail requirement.

Remember South Africa consulate director may approved or dis-approved your visa request.