Cyprus Universities Student Accommodation

student accommodation


Universities Student accommodation is not that much difficult to get by in Cyprus. There are two option for the university students in Cyprus to be accommodated:

  1. On-Campus Accommodation: getting a room in one of the school dormitories and
  2. Off-Campus accommodation: getting a private apartment for himself outside the school campus in the city


Advantages of On-Campus Universities Student Accommodation

Staying in a dormitory where all types of technological, cultural and sportive facilities are offered under campus safety, will be a best start for students academic life.

This will also shorten their adaptation period to the university. Since their personal needs, like cleaning, nutrition, transportation and security will be solved in the best and fastest way, they will be free to focus on their lessons.

The library, sports complexes, cultural activity centers, computer laboratories and all other facilities on the premises of the campus will be at the students disposal and within easy reach. Students will carry out their education in a safe and peaceful environment, away from traffic, noise and disorder of the city.

Living on-campus in the school dormitory will afford students the warm friendship with the college staff and make them you feel at home.

Living on-campus in less expensive than living in a city.


Getting Off-Campus Student Accommodation in the City

There are several accommodation options for students in Cyprus. These include a variety of properties owned by private landlords, student residences and hostels, all of which are located within walking distance to school.

Types of properties range from studios and single-bedroom flats to larger flats/houses to share. A student can share a property. In such case he will have to look around for another students who are looking for roommates.

To get an apartment in the city a student can get a real estate agents who can provide him with information about lease agreements, furnished/unfurnished options, utility bills and more.

Some school has what they called Student Affairs team which can provide details information on all of the above options and assist students in finding suitable accommodation for their needs and budget.

Short-term Accommodation

Before a student could get a permanent accommodation he may need a place to stay for a short period of time. Such student has option of choosing from a luxurious five-star hotel to more basic and less expensive hotels near the campus area.


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