Categories of Austrian Motorcycle Drivers License

The listed categories of motorcycle drivers license on this page are in existence and recognize in Austria. Having a suitable motorcycle license will not make you have a problem with the country law enforcement agencies.

As the licenses are acceptable in Austria so are they acceptable the whole of EU member countries. This mean you can make use of any of the licenses in any of the EU member countries.

Motorcycle License in Austria are categorize according to the bike cylinder capacity or output which is measure in cubic centimeter (cc).

Categories of Motorcycle Drivers License Austria.

  1. AM: this motorcycle drivers license is applicable to motorcycle or three wheel vehicles with cylinder capacity of 50cc and with maximum speed not up to 45km/h. To have access to this form of license a person must not be lesser than 15 years old.
  2. A1: this form of license is meant to be used by motorcycle with maximum cylinder capacity of 125ccand power output of 11kw or tricycle with power not more than 15kw.To qualify for this type of license you must be 16 years old or more.
  3. B: this license is for motorbike with cylinder capacity of 125cc. It must have been held for 5years and training of a least hours must have been undergone before a person can qualify to own one of it.
  4. A2: if your motorcycle power does not exceed 35kw and power weight ratio is not more than 0.2kw/kg then you will need this form of license and lastly
  5. A: this motorcycle drivers license is for motorcycles that are not in category A1 and A2. A 2-years motorcycle driving experience must have been acquired and a person must not be lesser than 20 years old before given this license.
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