Yale Food Limited | Biggest Biscuit Company in Nigeria

Yale Food Limited | Biggest Biscuit Company in Nigeria

Yale Food Limited is the biscuit manufacturing arm and the largest company underĀ  Sumal Food Group

Yale Food Limited started operation in 1998, sixteen years after Sumal Group was formed and it aim is to produce biscuit of high quality in different sizes and shapes for Nigeria market.

At the inception of the company, just one biscuit oven and two flow wrapping machines were used to start operation in their factory at Oluyole Industrial Estate.

The then one line factory has grown to become six big factories churning out biscuit of different shape, sizes, color and taste 24 hours a week and sold to all markets in Nigeria, West Africa and Africa at large.

The Biggest in West Africa.

Yale Food Limited is adjudge to be the biggest biscuit and confectionery producer in West Africa. The company consist of six factories, five of the factories – Yale 1, Yale 2, Yale 3, Yale 4 and Yale 5- produce biscuit and they do so on 25 lines.
Part of Yale 5 make cellophane film that the group use in packaging their finished products.

Yale 9 is a gigantic highly automated factory that make bread in large quantity for local and neighbouring countries market. The factory started work in 2010 and already running 3 lines. They produce shortcake bread and common bread.

As big as Yale Food Limited is, it does not employ women to work at any section of the company. From managers to operators to cleaners and security are all men.

Yale Food Salary Structure

If you are seeking for an employment at the company, we try to give you insight into the salary you may be presented with.

If you are employ today as a machine operator, no matter you qualification you will be given between N32,000 and N38,000 per month. But if you are a technician -mechanical or electrical- you may get between N38,000 and N45,000 per month. Some special work and post may attract better offer.

Note: by the time you are reading this the salary structure might have been adjusted.

Yale Location/Address

Having appointment with them? All Yale factories are located within Oluyole Industrial Estate.

From anywhere in Ibadan get a cab that ply Ring Road, alight at Mobil bus-stop and from there take another cab or commercial motorcycle (Okada) to any of the Yale, they will get you there.

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