18 years Old Girl was Raped in A Toilet by an Unidentified Man

Yesterday, there was a report that an 18 years old girl was a victim of rape to an unidentified man in the toilet of Lenasia South Clinic.

The girl in the news had gone to the clinic in company of her sister and was using the property toilet when the incident happened.

When contacted, the spokesperson for Gauteng Police Lt. Col. Kay Makhubebe said, ”she went to the toilet and was raped by un-identify man inside there. The suspect then ran away.”

As at the time the story was being put together, Police had not made any arrest and Mr. Kay Makibebe was not sure whether the clinic has any surveillance facility that can aid them in identify the wicked man.

It was reported that such a similar incident has happened in the past but usually after working hours. For this to happen during working hours and no arrest was made or the man identify was a big surprised to the clinic management and the staff in general.

”The clinic staffs need to be investigated and come out with useful information” said, Mr. Jackson Bloom, the DA’s Shadow Health MEC.

The Lenasia South Clinic was then encourage to put necessary security gadgets and surveillance in place to avoid or unravel future occurrence.

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