Scholarship for Students in Bulgaria Universities and Colleges


Scholarship for Students in Bulgaria Universities and Colleges

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There are many scholarships opportunities for both Bulgarian Universitiesand International students in Bulgaria to grab to aid them in furthering their education.

Before applying for any scholarships you must bear in mind these following
1. All scholarships for Bulgaria Universities and Colleges are granted on merit: only students with exceptional academic career are mostly considered.
2. Scholarship are granted base on the availability of fund.
3. Some scholarships were created for certain set of people i.e. for certain area or communities, for certain tribes, for certain university programs, for less privilege students and on and on.

So it is important you research the type of scholarship you want to apply for so as not to be denied.

Below are some of the available scholarship for Bulgaria universities students.

1. Aurubis Bulgaria Scholarship
2. Kosovo Alumni Scholarship
3. Metcalf Alumni Scholarship
4. Ivan Manev and Alexandria Todorova Scholarship.
5. Dynamic Resources Scholarship
6. Georgi Sava Rakovski Scholarship
7. Huwiler/Khamatova Scholarship
8. Phihellene Scholarship
9. Turkmen Student Scholarship
10. Kosovo Alumni Scholarship
11. Metcalf/Ramsden Endowment Scholarship
12. Open Society Institute Full and Partial Scholarship.
13. Progress Distinguish Scholarship
14. Raiffeinsen Bank Bulgaria Distinguished Scholarship
15. Victoria Paviova Entwistie Endowed Scholarship
16. William Porter Memorial Scholarship
17, SAP Scholarship
18. Yury Zabello Scholarship
19. Zamphiroff Endowment Scholarship
20. Michael Iovenko Endowed Scholarship
21. Borgatti Scholarship
22. Michael & Louise Easton Endowed Scholarship
23. The Stephanie Groveff Endowed Scholarship
24. Robert Woodbury Endowed Scholarship
25. Progress Distinguished Scholarship
26. Eugenia Skudtz Brechka and Robert Louisee Niisen Memorial Scholarship
27. Stratsimir Kulinski ’95 Scholarship.

If you are an international student from India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Estonia, Barbados, Ghana,  Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand etc in one of the universities in Bulgaria, you can find out from your country of origin whether there is any scholarship opportunity that aid students who are studying abroad.

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