An Islamic Cleric in Pornography Messages and Photo Sharing Scandal

An Indonesia Islamic Cleric has been caught up at the center of pornography messages and photo sharing scandal.

The man by the name Habib Rizieq was named a suspect in the pornography messages and photo sharing by the Indonesia law enforcement agency.

Rizieq a tough leader of Islamic Defenders Forum (PTI) has also been accused of insulting the country secular state ideology called Pancasila.

The investigating conducted on Habib Rizieq shows that he was guilty of the country anti-pornography law by sharing pornography messages and nude pictures with a woman who is yet to be named.

As the scandal continues, Mr. Rizieq was not in Indonesia he was said to be on a visit to Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. This many people believe is a plot to avoid facing the law of the land. While many people also believe that the scandal is just a plot to tarnish the image of Mr. Rizieq and thereafter punish him for the part he played in removing the then Jakarta’s Christian Governor from office and was eventually sentence.

As highly revered and powerful as Mr Rizieq was, he was able to organized a mass rally of about 500,000 people against the former Jakarta’s governor, Mr. Basuki Purnama on the allegation that he blasphemy the Koran when he cited a Koranic verse which suggest Muslim should not take Jews or Christian as allies or leader in one of his speech last year. It was this case that removed the governor from office and was eventually send to jail.

When contacted, Mr. Yuwona, Jakarta Police spokesperson confirmed the story and he said the main crime is participating in and transmitting pornography content.

So, if Mr Habib Rizieq will be able to weather the storm, time will tell.

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