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The Amount of Cash of Money Allow to Bring into Bulgaria

amount of money allow to take into bulgaria

To be frank, there is no limitation to the amount of cash a local or a foreign physical person can bring into Bulgaria. What is important is how the money is bring in. Every cash a person want to bring in to Bulgaria especially across border must be brought in the right way.

Many people that usually ask question, “what amount of cash can someone bring in to Bulgaria?” only want to know the amount of cash one can bring in into Bulgaria without been question or declaring at a border and thereby not running into trouble with the country law enforcement agents.

In actual fact the Bulgaria Custom Act says that any amount of money not more than €10,000 or it equivalent in another currency can be taken in to Bulgaria without having to declare it in writing  at borders and the travelers can walk in free without problem.

If a traveler is carrying of money more than €10000 or it equivalent in another currency, then it will require the traveler to declare it by filling out a currency custom declaration for the purpose of their being declare to the custom authority with the traveler obligatory walking through the ”red channel”.