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Republic of Ireland Import | Duty Free Allowance Goods

Republic of Ireland Import | Duty Free Allowance Goods

duty free allowance

Ireland welcomes travelers from virtually everywhere around the world, But as a traveler you don’t have yo pay tax, VAT and duty on all the goods you are importing – you are entitle to import certain quantity of goods without paying duty on them- into the country.

To enjoy the duty free allowance on certain goods
1. There must evident that the goods are meant for personal use or as gift.

2. The owner must transport and accompany the good into Ireland.

3. The combine value of the import good must not be more than €430 if a traveler is 15 years and older and €250 if under 15 years old.

But if the good is alcohol and tobacco related, then the duty free allowance is allow if they do not exceed:

1. 200 cigarette
2. 100 cigarillos
3. 50 cigar
4. 1 liters of spirit (whiskey, gin, vodka)
5. 2 liters of alcoholic drinks with no more than 22% of alcohol
6. 1 liter of wine
7, 16 liters of beer

The above explanation apply to the travelers from non EU countries, Gibraltar, Canary Island and Channel Island.

A traveler from EU can bring in ANY amount of MOST goods. Any goods brought in from EU countries are not taxed or charge duty if there is evident to proof the good had been taxed in another EU country. The amount of tobacco and alcohol are subject to limitation.

From the above, that ANY amount of goods
1. Most be transported and accompanied by the traveler
2. The good must be for personal use and or gift, with no plan to sell it.

But to enjoy duty free allowance on tobacco and alcoholic related goods, they must be imported in these proportion

1. 800 cigarettes
2. 400 cigarillos
3. 200 cigars
4. 1kg of smoking tobacco
5. 10 liters of spirit
6. 20 liters of alcoholic drink with no more than 22% alcohol
7. 110 liters of beer.

However, cigarettes brought in from Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Latvia, LITHUANIA, and Romania will attract reduce allowance on 300 cigarettes.

A traveler who is not 17 years old is not entitle to duty free allowance on alcohol and tobacco relate goods.