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Cyprus Medical Universities and Their Tuition Fee

Cyprus Medical Universities and Their Tuition Fee

cyprus medical universities


This page list Cyprus Medical Universities. The universities you can attend to study the medical science of your choice. It should be noted that not all the universities in Cyprus offer medicine as a programme. So, to save your time and energy of going from one web page to another looking for which Cyprus university offer programme in medicine, they are all on this page.

The List of Cyprus Medical Universities

  • University of Cyprus Medical School: Is founded to offer students high standard learning and teaching experiences in an intellectually challenging environment.To produce innovative research which will have powerful impact on healthcare practice and to enhance and improve patient outcomes and healthcare delivery.
  • Eastern Mediterranean University: they teach medicine, nursing (English and Turkish), nutrition and dietetic (English and Turkish); medical imaging technique (Turkish), physiotherapy (Turkish), radiotherapy (Turkish), surgery (Turkish), Physiotherapy and rehabilitation (Turkish and English), pharmacy,

Tuition Fee: pharmacy $15.642,00 without scholarship; medicine:  $20.031,00 without scholarship.

  • European University of Cyprus School of Medicine: programme taught are Dental Surgery and Medicine. both programme are taught in English. Physiotherapy, nutrition and dietetic, pharmacy, nursing, radiotherapy, bio-medical are all under school of science.
  • Frederick University: the School of Health Sciences offers 2 undergraduate medical related programme in Nursing and pharmacy.

Tuition: pharmacy €8100 and nursing €7920

  •  University of Nicosia Medical School:

Annual tuition at the St George’s programme at University of Nicosia is €27,500

  • Near East University, Nicosia: offer medical study in pharmacy, dentistry, veterinary medicine, medicine, nutrition and dietetic, nursing, physiotherapy and rehabilitation,
  • University of Kyrenia: medical programme are physiotherapist and rehabilitation, medicine, physiotherapist, medical laboratory technician and nursing

Tuition: medicine €12600; physiotherapy, nursing and medical  laboratory technician €5600

  • European University of Lefke offer just only nursing and pharmacy as it medical science programme.

Tuition: The all-inclusive tuition package per academic year is $ 5,600

All of the universities deliver their programme in English language – especially MBBS Medicine- and this is for the benefit of international students who may not understand Turkish or Greek as a mean of instruction.