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Cyprus Medical Universities and Their Tuition Fee


Cyprus Medical Universities and Their Tuition Fee

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This page list Cyprus Medical Universities. The universities you can attend to study the medical science of your choice. It should be noted that not all the universities in Cyprus offer medicine as a programme. So, to save your time and energy of going from one web page to another looking for which Cyprus university offer programme in medicine, they are all on this page.

The List of Cyprus Medical Universities

  • University of Cyprus Medical School: Is founded to offer students high standard learning and teaching experiences in an intellectually challenging environment.To produce innovative research which will have powerful impact on healthcare practice and to enhance and improve patient outcomes and healthcare delivery.
  • Eastern Mediterranean University: they teach medicine, nursing (English and Turkish), nutrition and dietetic (English and Turkish); medical imaging technique (Turkish), physiotherapy (Turkish), radiotherapy (Turkish), surgery (Turkish), Physiotherapy and rehabilitation (Turkish and English), pharmacy,

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