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How to Get Vehicle Particulars in Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria

How to Get Vehicle Particulars in Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria

Vehicle particulars in Oyo state and elsewhere in Nigeria is available at licensing office and each of the eleven (11) local government in Ibadan has it own licensing office where you can walk into and get vehicle particular for your car.

Vehicle particular in a combination of vehicle particular, road worthiness and car insurance. The 3 documents will be issued to you at any of the licensing office at the any of the local government office nearest to you. .

In the case of vehicle insurance, you may be thinking you will need to go to an insurance office to get one, this is not so. Insurance companies has representative at each of the licensing office, so you don’t need to go from one office to another for each of the document: all will be done for you under one roof, thereby making the situation easy.

Procedures for getting a Vehicle Particulars

To get the particulars is easy, what you need is your money.
Walk into any of the licensing office nearest to you among the 11 local government in Ibadan.

Tell them you want vehicle particular for your vehicle. You will be asked one or two simple question and the question are mostly about you and your vehicle.

Officially vehicle particular cost N1250, Road worthiness N1250, and car insurance N5000. There you may be asked to pay more money which if you declined you may have your vehicle license delay unreasonably for a long time.

After you might have paid the required money, then you can get the vehicle license a day or two days after. Usually you will be notified by SMS alert if the document is ready.

When you go back to collect the vehicle license, you will be asked to pay SMS alert fee which is N500 at the time of putting this article together. Sometime you may be asked to pay it before the document is ever ready.

This article is unofficial process to getting vehicle license in Oyo State, it base on the experience of the author while he was trying to get his own vehicle license.