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The Cost of Shipping Parcel from UK to South Africa and Kenya

The Cost of Shipping Parcel from UK to South Africa and Kenya

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Shipping parcel is being done on a daily basis. If you are abroad probably in United Kingdom (UK), you will at one time or the other of your staying there want to ship parcel home to South Africa or Kenya.

Nowadays shipping a parcel home is very easy compare to before and the internet has even make everything about sending parcel home easier.

I know you are here to get information about the cost of sending a parcel home to Kenya or South Africa. As a matter of fact you cannot get a specific answer to what you are you are asking for the following reasons.


Different Things Dictate the Cost of Shipping Parcel to Kenya and South Africa

  1. One of the factors that dictate the cost of sending parcel home is the distance of destination of the parcel. Before you are ever billed the shipping handler will consider the parcel destination from where it is being shipped.
  2. The mean by which the parcel will be shipped will also be considered. This may imply to mean whether parcel will be send by water (ship) or by air (flight) or by land (car, lorry, motorcycle).
  3. The time – Express shipping (preferred) 3 to 4 business days and economy shipping 5 to 10 business days – on which you want your parcel to reach South Africa or Kenya will also be taken into consideration when you are being bill.
  4. The shipping handler will also consider the weight and the dimension  of the parcel you want to send.
  5. You must also bear in mind to pay some fees on the parcel on reaching the destination. Though this may not necessary be you but the recipient. Your country may charge import duty on the parcel or arrival before handling it over to the recipient.

Many of the shipping handler has application on their website where you can enter all the data -dimension, weight, destination and the time you want the parcel to reach the destination – of the parcel you want to send and know how much it will cost you to have that parcel send to South Africa or Kenya.

Finally many companies will charge as low as  £29.18 for 1 kg Parcel to South Africa and to Kenya.