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How to Switch or Convert Smart Shopper Points to Cash

How to Switch or Convert Smart Shopper Points to Cash

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Having save your Smart Shopper points to certain value you are eligible to switch the points to cash and to do this is not difficult at all.To be able to switch your Smart Shopper points to cash you must have earned a minimum of 500 points on your card. On this page you will be shown how you can convert your accumulated points to cash for future purchase.

Having reach the prescribed 500 points, you should  then visit Pick n Pay website click Smart Shopper. Login to your account then switch points.


Login to the Smart Shopper mobile app on your phone to switch points.


you can visit any of the smart shopper kiosk at any Pick n Pay store to have your points converted to cash.

Five Things You Should Know about Switching Smart Shopper Points to Cash

1. You must reach your first 500 points before you can switch your points to cash.

2. You can only switch to cash in unit of 100 points. And that means you can switch by 500, 600, 700, 800 etc and not 550, 650; 680, 880 etc.

3. Money accumulated from smart shopper points is virtual money. You are not going to be given cash money. And this virtual money remain valid on your smart shopper card.

4. Your smart shopper points is valid for 12 months. But if switched to cash, the virtual cash is valid for 3 years.

5. Switching points to cash is possible only at Pick n Pay digital channels as stated above.

Value of Smart Shopper Points

The value of the smart shopper point is 100 points are worth R1. so your 3000 shopper points equals R30