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Students Accommodation Sofia, Bulgaria | Apartments, Dormitories, Hostels

Students Accommodation Sofia, Bulgaria | Apartments, Dormitories, Hostels

students accommodation sofia bulgaria


Students accommodation Sofia the capital city of Bulgaria has class. All the universities in Sofia has provision for accommodation for their students. While the schools provide accommodation, students are still allow to look for accommodation apart from the ones school provided according to their desire.

Students Accommodation Sofia, Universities Dormitories

School dormitory is the place for a student to get accommodation. He is able to relate with other students -Bulgarian and international students.

The dormitory rent price is the cheapest among the accommodation options the students has. Check this:

Sofia University ”St Kliment Ohridski” – dormitory rent price 50 – 70 BGN (€25 – €35)

Technical University; Sofia: €50 – €60

Medical University, Sofia: €50

University of World Economic, Sofia: €40

Variation in price of the rent from one school to another is dictated by:

1. The number of beds in the room (2 beds room or 3 beds room)

2. The type of facilities the room have to offer

3. Whether it is share room or not.

Students Accommodation Sofia, Private Apartment in the City

If a student don’t like to stay in the school dormitory, then he can get apartment outside school in the city. You have to engage the service of an estate agent to get an apartment to rent, they will charge a fee for using their service. It is usually half price of the total rent.

Getting an apartment in the city is not as cheap as in the school dormitory. The price of renting a room can be as much as €300 – €600 depending on the distance to the city center, the amenities of the building, the facilities in the room and whether the room is shared one or not.

Getting Accommodation in Private Hostels

Private hostels do not provide permanent accommodation to student. You can rent it pending the time you get permanent accommodation either in the school dormitory or in the city. A student can also get it if he is not staying long in Sofia and that is if the above two option are not readily available.
The price of renting a private hostel can be €90 to as much as €600 depending on the reasons stated above.

To rent a private hostel you don’t need an estate agent, you can easily get one by looking around you well or Google search it.