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Students Accommodation Varna, Bulgaria | Dormitory, Hostel, Apartment

Students Accommodation Varna, Bulgaria | Dormitory, Hostel, Apartment

students accommodation varna bulgaria


About Students accommodation Varna. There are three options for University and High College students in Varna, Bulgaria to get accommodation. Each of the options has it’s own advantages and disadvantages.

Students Accommodation Varna: Universities Dormitories

When you are looking for accommodation as a student, what should first come to your mind is how to get accommodation at one of your school dormitories. It is the best option in tern of price, relation with other students and easy access to the other amenities of the school.  All the universities in Varna has dormitories where they accommodate their students. While some school has their dormitory outside campus, some have their own on the campus. The price of rent is also different from school to school.

Medical University; Varna
Dormitory: 2 Buildings with 750 beds
Price: 65BGN – 100BGN depend on whether a student is admitted on state order or not.
Varieties: 2 and 3 bed rooms
Facilities: own sanitation, a tv set, internet connection. A kitchen on each floor with sink, microwave oven and stove. There are reading rooms.

Technical University; Varna
Hostel: 3 buildings with 1450 beds
Location: outside school campus, 750m away.
Price: not specify
Varieties: 2 and 3 beds room
Facilities: two canteen,

Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy
Hostel: 200 – 250 rooms. 40 double and 72 triple bed rooms
Price: 72BGN – 82BGN per month
Varieties: 2 and 3 bed rooms
Facilities: each room has private bathroom, heating system, self supply hot water.

Varna University of Economics
Dormitory: outside campus. 15 mins walk from main campus
Price: 200BGN per person per month
Facilities: a kitchen with cookers and microwave ovens for all students. Every two room share a bathroom.

If the school dormitories you which to go is fully occupied or you need some privacy, you can get private apartment outside school campus but it must be nearer to the main campus to avoid transport expenses.

Students Accommodation Varna: Getting Student Apartment in The City

Getting a room or apartment to rent as a student in Varna is easy. The price vary from 300BGN and 600BGN per month. This depend on various factors such as the number of room mates, the distance of the apartment to the city center, whether it is a share room or not, and the facilities on offer at the apartment.

Using an estate agent is usually the best option to get your desire apartment. They will charge you a fee and you will pay once you make a contract for apartment.

Students Accommodation Varna: Getting Accommodation in Private Hostel

Getting Accommodation in private hostel is not meant to give you long time stay, but at least it will give you temporary place to stay until  you are able to get permanent apartment. With them you can get a share room.

Price of hostel starts from as low as €8 per night.