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Students Accommodation Plovdiv, Bulgaria | Dormitory, Hostel, Apartment

Students Accommodation Plovdiv, Bulgaria | Dormitory, Hostel, Apartment

students accommodation plovdiv bulgaria


About students accommodation Plovdiv, Bulgaria. All universities and higher college’s students in Plovdiv, Bulgaria has three option to securing accommodation. Whether you are a Bulgaria student, erasmus student or an international student and no matter the university you are attending you will get your desire accommodation using one of this option.

Students Accommodation Plovdiv: University Dormitories

All the four universities in Plovdiv has dormitories in which they accommodate their student. The facts are the number of rooms available to students are different from one university to another. The facilities on display at these dormitories are different in quality and this dictate the price of rent each of the universities charge per month per bed/student.

This option is the cheapest and the easiest. For example the price of rent per bed per month in a double or three beds room at Agricultural University Plovdiv is as low as €35 for summer months and €40 for winter months.

So, get in touch with your school authority if they have a room/rooms available at dormitory for students to rent.

Students Accommodation Plovdiv: Getting Private Apartment in the City

For student to settle for this option to get accommodation may mean that the student need some privacy, the kind which may not be available to student in dormitory. And it may also mean there is no vacant room/bed at dormitory to rent to him when he was in need of a room.

Getting an accommodation with this option is expensive, because a share room apartment can cost as much as €120 – €500 per person per month, depending on the distance of the apartment to city center, whether it is a share room or not and the type of facilities on display on that building and in particular the room you desire to rent.

Renting a room in the city yourself is not the best option, you have to contract the estate agent and this mean you must be ready to pay a certain amount of fee for using their service.

Students Accommodation Plovdiv: Renting a Room in a Hostel in the City

This option is also expensive and it is not useful for long term accommodation. If as a student you get some money to spare and you only need the accommodation for some few months you can settle for it. There are many hostel in the city own by private body or organization. You can get a room for at least €80 depending whether it is a share room or not and many other factors.

You can Google search to get one of these city hostel to know what they have to offer. You don’t need any estate agent or anybody to do this for you.