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The Amount of Cash Allowed to Take In or Out of Malta

The Amount of Cash Allowed to Take In or Out of Malta

maltese cash allowed to take in and out

In Malta there are rules and regulations that dictate the maximum amount of cash you are allowed to take in or out of the without having to declare it in writing with the custom officers at the point of entry the country. In actual fact, you can take any amount of money in and out of Malta legally by diligently observing different protocol.

In term of cash in the wallet or luggage of a visitor or resident of Malta leaving or entering, the maximum amount allowed to take in or out is €9,999 or it’s equivalent in another currency. The traveler will not have to declare it with the custom officer in writing. But if the cash is €10000 or more or it equivalent in another currency, then the traveler will have to declare it in writing.

What Happen if Not Declared of Falsely Declared?
1. The cash may be detained
2. The cash may be confiscated.

The cash in mentioned include traveler’s cheque, promissory note, money orders, and currency (banknotes and coins)

Even if the cash on the traveler is not up to 10000euro the custom officer has right to question him if he is suspected. This are necessary to protect the safety of the person, curb money laundering, and prevent money been taken out to finance terrorism.