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Canadian Duty Free or Tax Free Allowance Import

canadian duty free goods


On this page is the information about the list of goods -wedding gifts personal items, alcoholic and tobacco related products- a traveler can import into Canada duty free.  Canadian duty free allowance allow traveler to import certain quantities of pre-determined good without paying custom duty or tax.

Canadian Duty Free: Personal Items

You don’t have to pay duty on  books, linens, clothes, jewelleries, antiques, furniture, silverware, musical instruments, gifts worth CDN $60 or less each, hobby tools and other hobby items, private collections of coins, stamps or art, appliances, such as a stove or refrigerator.


Tax Free Wedding Gift

Canadian duty free allowance allow you to bring your wedding gifts without paying duty if you get married within three months of coming to Canada or plan to marry no later than three months after you arrive there.

However, you must have owned the gifts some months before you arrived in Canada. This same condition apply to household goods you import as wedding gifts.


Tax Free Alcoholic Related Products

You are allowed to import only one of the following amounts of alcohol and alcoholic beverages free of duty and taxes as part of your Canadian duty free allowance.

  1. Wine up to 1.5 litres,
  2. Alcoholic beverages Up to 1.14 litres and
  3. Beer or ale Up to 8.5 litres

You must have attained the legal age 18 or 19 years old before you are allow to import alcoholic related products duty free. This depends on the province -rules are different- into which you are importing the products. Extra importation on the above mentioned quotas will be subjected to tax and you must pay the tax accordingly.


Canadian Duty Free: Tobacco Products

If you are 18 years of age or over, you are allowed to bring in all of the following amounts of tobacco into Canada duty – and taxes – free as part of your personal exemption:

  1. 200 cigarettes
  2. 50 cigars
  3. 200 grams (7 ounces) of manufactured tobacco, and
  4. 200 tobacco sticks.

Inclusion of cigarettes, tobacco sticks or manufactured tobacco in your personal exemption, may lead a traveler to receive only a partial exemption. You will have to pay a special duty on these products unless they are marked “DUTY PAID CANADA DROIT ACQUITTÉ.” Canadian-made products with this mark are sold at duty-free shops