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Seychelles Duty Free or Tax Free Allowance Goods

Seychelles Duty Free or Tax Free Allowance Goods

seychelles duty free goods

Travelers no matter where you are coming from you are eligible to certain Seychelles duty free items. So, before you travel to the country it is important you know some of the rules that guide the importation of any goods into the country and the goods you are eligible to import without paying duty fee or custom fee.

These duty free goods are to be imported in government recommended quantities on which if the specified quota is exceeded will result in paying duty and other fees on them. On this page is list of the Seychelles duty free goods in .


List of Seychelles Duty or Tax Free Goods

  1. 200 ml of perfume and eau de toilette
  2. 2 litres of alcoholic beverages containing less than or equal to 16% alcohol (such as beer, wine, and sparkling wine)
  3. 2 litres of alcoholic beverages containing more than 16% alcohol (such as whisky, rum, gin, and fermented or distilled liquor)
  4. 250 grams of tobacco products or 200 cigarettes. Tobacco products include but not limited to cigars, cheroots, smoking and chewing tobacco, and snuff.


In addition to the above mentioned tax free alcoholic and tobacco related import goods, passengers are also entitle to duty free importation of any goods

  1. 5. Worth SCR5000 if the passenger is 18 years old or more in age
  2. 6. Worth SCR3000 for passenger under the age of 18 years old.


In the 5 and 6 above the passenger will be allowed Seychelles duty free importation of the goods if they are meant for personal use and not for a commercial purposes.