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Western Union Romania | Limit Transaction, Transfer Charges, Requirement

western union romania transaction charge fee

The simplest and one of the best form of money transfer in Romania is Western Union, It is also fast and efficient. As reliable as it is, a customer that want to use it to transfer money to the relative or business organization abroad must be aware of these following simple things before he ever go to bank or any agents location to do the transaction.

1. Age Limit Allowed:
A customer must be 18 years old or more to be eligible to transfer money by Western Union

To send money at the bank or any other agents location, the sender must provide
1. A recognized mean of identification which may include, international passport, driver’s license or any other government recognized identification document.,
2. The money he wish to send
3. The name of the receiver – the person that will receive the money
4. The destination country

After the data is process the sender is given receipt for payment and Money Transfer Control Number MTCN. This number must be send to receiver to be able to collect the money.

The maximum transaction (the amount of money a person can send) allow is $5000 or it equivalent in Romania currency RON22,000 per person per day.

The receiver at bank must provide
1. An acceptable identification document
2. The names of the sender
3. The country of origin of the sent money
4. The amount expecting from the sender
5. The secure Money Transfer Control Number

The maximum transaction of a receiver differ from agents to agents and from place to place. With BRD Romania a receiver customer can be given up to $9500, while the Bancpost gives up to $10000 per person per day or it equivalent in euro or RON.

Bear in mind that no matter the kind of currency the sender sent, some bank will not pay the receiver any currency other than euro, dollar and RON.

Transfer Fees: Transaction Charges
A Receiver is not charged but sender.

Commission can be as much as 16.50 on $0.00 -$3,300 and $27.50 0n $3,300.01 – $5,000