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Bulgaria Universities Tuition Fee | Medicine and Other Courses

Bulgaria Universities Tuition Fee | Medicine and Other Courses

bulgaria universities tuition fee


Bulgaria universities tuition fee vary from school to school and is dictated by many factors. This page is written just to give an insight to the range of the tuition fee being paid across all the universities and colleges in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria Universities Tuition Fee: Factors that dictates it

There are five major factors that dictates the tuition fee across universities in Bulgaria:

  • The standard of the school, which may include the availability of qualify lecturers, research facilities, laboratory, library, internet connectivity, hostel and other accommodation facilities, conducive environment etc.
  • Good international standing of the university: Some universities are well known and well rated internationally that every students want to study there.
  • The category of the course on offer i.e. Part time or full time program, undergraduate degree or postgraduate degree.
  • The type of programs: whether it is medicine, engineering or commercial course. Medicine is the most expensive course that a student may want to study in Bulgaria and followed by engineering courses
  • The type of language with which the programs are being offered. English language programs are more expensive than Bulgarian language programs.

Note:The fee changes any time without prior notice.

Among many other universities here are the ten Bulgaria universities tuition fee.

1. Varna Free University: preparatory course in Bulgaria language – €2300; Full time degree course – €1500; part time – – €1750

2. New Bulgaria University: Tuition fee €750 – €1450

3. South West University of Bulgaria: full time degree – €3000 part time – €2500; preparatory year – €3000

4. Technical University of Sofia: BSc degree – €3000; preparatory year – €2500;

5. Technical University of Varna: preparatory year – €2500; bachelor degree – €2900/year; masters – €3000

6. St. Cyril & St. Methodius University: program taught in English – €2500; program taught in Bulgaria language – €2000.

7. Burgas Free University: preparatory year – €2400; degree programs – €3000/year.

8.Technical University of Gabrovo: annual tuition fee for bachelor program €1120. Master program €1400. English language bachelor courses go for €2500. Master program tuition fee €3000.

9.European Polytechnic University: Bachelor all major, EU member citizens €750 and Non EU €1500. Master programs all major, EU member citizens €1000 while non EU pay €2000.

10. University of Chemical & Metallurgical: per academic year, bachelor programs in Bulgaria language cost €2400 (full time / part time). Master program (part time / full time) €3000.
The tuition fee of all of the above mentioned universities in Bulgaria is determine by ab Act of the Council of the Ministers.