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Dubai, UAE | List of Prohibited or Contraband Goods

Dubai, UAE | List of Prohibited or Contraband Goods

prohibited items in dubai UAE

Before you travel to Dubai, United Arab Emirates get yourself familiar with all the prohibited or contraband goods you cannot import so as not be a culprit of the law of the land.

The List of Prohibited Goods
1. Good intended to be imported from a boycotted countries
2. Good from Israel origin or bearing Israel trademark or logo
3. All kinds of narcotic drugs
4. Crude ivory and rhinoceros horn
5. Gambling equipment, tools and machinery
6. Original engravings, prints, lithography, sculpture and statures in any material.
7. Three layers fishing nets
8. Used reconditioned and inlaid types.
9. Radiation polluted substances
10. Printed publication, oil painting, photographs, pictures, cards, book, magazines, stony sculpture, and mannequins, the kind which contradict the Islamic teaching, decencies or deliberately implying immorality or turmoil.
11. Any other goods, the importation of which contradict the authority of United Arab Emirates  (UAE) custom law or any law of the land.