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Dubai, UAE | The Amount of Cash Allowed to Take In and Out

dubai cash take in

You can bring any amount of money in and out from Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) at anytime if right protocol is followed, but there is a restriction to the amount of cash you are allowed to take in or out of the country.

When talking about the amount of cash you can take in or out of UAE, it may imply the amount of cash someone can carry in his wallet or luggage without having to declare it in writing a paper at the point of his entry or leaving the country.

In Dubai, UAE any amount of cash up to AED99,999 can be taken out or in without declaring it in writing with the custom officer. Any cash more than that, from AED100,000 or it’s equivalent in another currency have to be declared in writing with the custom officer.

This measure is necessary to ensure the safety of the traveler, control money laundering and to prevent moving money for terrorism.

This rule is the same no matter where you are coming from -Pakistan, India, UK, Canada, Hong Kong, Brazil, Malaysia, Singapore,- or where you are going to – south Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, US, Indonesia, Germany, France or Italy.