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Dubai, UAE | List of Duty Free Allowance Items

dubai UAE duty free goods

This page list the quota of certain items or goods you as a traveler to Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) is entitle to import without paying custom duties of which when exceeded the duty will be fully paid.

The List of Custom Duty Free Items
1. Gift which value does not exceed AED3000 or it equivalent in another currency
2. 400 cigarettes
3. 50 cigars
4. 500grams of tobacco (minced or pressed for pipe). Minced or press tobacco for smoking. Tobacco or mild tasting tobacco.
5. 4 litres of Alcoholic beverages or 2 carton of beer, each consisting 24 cans not exceeding 355ml for each can or it’s equivalent

Traveler Permitted Duty Free Luggage
1. Passenger personal belongings are permitted entry to UAE and shall be exempted from custom duty and fee
2. Still and moving image video camera with their appropriate tapes, films and accessories
3. Cash money – currencies and traveler cheque -altogether not up to AED40000 and the passenger shall not be lesser than 18 years old.
4. Radio system , combine broadcasting apparatus -CD and DVD players with an agreeable quantity.
5. Agreeable quantity of projectors for displaying slides and films including their accessories.
6. Telescope
7. Mobile telephone
8. Portable TV sets
9. Computers including laptop
10. Baby strollers
11. Portable Music Equipment
12. Sport Equipment
13. Portable typing set
14. Portable Calculator
15. Disable wheelchairs or cars

Note; for the above to be effective
1. The traveler must be 18 years old or more
2. The luggage and gift must be of a personal in nature and not intend to be sold.
3. The traveler must not be with good frequently or a member of the respective conveyance crew.
4. The conditions above apply to whoever accompanies the goods.