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Western Union Romania | Limit Transaction, Transfer Charges, Requirement

western union romania transaction charge fee

The simplest and one of the best form of money transfer in Romania is Western Union, It is also fast and efficient. As reliable as it is, a customer that want to use it to transfer money to the relative or business organization abroad must be aware of these following simple things before he ever go to bank or any agents location to do the transaction.

1. Age Limit Allowed:
A customer must be 18 years old or more to be eligible to transfer money by Western Union

To send money at the bank or any other agents location, the sender must provide
1. A recognized mean of identification which may include, international passport, driver’s license or any other government recognized identification document.,
2. The money he wish to send
3. The name of the receiver – the person that will receive the money
4. The destination country

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