Bringing Pets – Dogs, Cats, Ferrets – into Cyprus, Conditions That Warrant it

bringing pets -cats, dogs, ferrets- to cyrus


Pets -dogs, cats, ferrets- importation into Cyprus is not illegal. While it is not illegal it importation to say they are classify as the type of importation that is restricted and that means you can bring pets into Cyprus but under certain conditions.

Before taking you through the conditions that warrant the importation of pets into Cyprus, it should be noted that the maximum number of pets a traveler can carry at a time is 5. Any number more than that is forbidden.

Forget about the type of pet that is being bringing into Cyprus, no matter the type, they are all to be imported following the same rules and regulation, therefore read along.


Conditions for the Importation of Pets in Cyprus

When bringing in any of the above mentioned pets to Cyprus:

  • The animal should have been vaccinated against rabies virus at the age of not lesser than 12 weeks old with an inactivated strain according to OIE standard.

The Vaccination should have taken place at least 3 weeks prior to the importation of the animal.

  • Electronic Microchip and clearly readable tattoo is accepted on the animals but it must have been applied some months – probably 3- before arriving in Cyprus.
  • The traveler must be able to provide heath certificate or third country passport for the pet intended to be import.


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