Flow Wrapper, Horizontal Bagging Machine | 5 Top Reasons The Heat Jaw May not Cut

Flow Wrapper, Horizontal Bagging Machine | 5 Top Reasons The Heat Jaw May not Cut

Flow wrapper Horizontal baggage machine is use by different sectors of manufacturing companies, from bar shop manufacturing companies to biscuit and confectionery companies to food processing companies.

Flow wrapper horizontal bagging and packaging machines are make by different companies through out the world and therefore come in different shapes and sizes. Despite this they all have the same working principle -they all have rotary sealing jaws with cutting knives with which they seal and cut film.

Reasons Why The Cutting Jaws of Flow Wrapper May Not Cut

There are many reasons that can make the heat jaws of the flow rapping machine not to cut the film effectively.

One of the reason is when the temperature of the heat jaws drop or not high enough. This is one of the simple cause of the inability of jaws not to cut film. In this situation the blade in the jaws are not hot enough to cut the film

Solution: increase the temperature of the machine cutting jaws.

When the cutting jaws are not set. That is both the upper jaw and lower jaws are not aligned. In this situation the cutting knives in the upper jaws may be missing the anvil in the lower jaws.

Solution: Reset the jaws make sure that the outer edge of the upper jaws align with those of lower jaws.

Sometimes the upper jaws blades and the lower jaws anvil may not touch one another. That is there is gap between them when one faces another.

Solution: bring the upper jaws down a little bit from it’s adjuster so that the upper blade can touch the lower jaws anvils.

If that does not solve the problem that mean the heat jaw blade is not out enough.

Solution: you may bring out the upper blade a little bit by adjusting the grub screw make purposely for it adjustment.

Sometime it may be that the upper jaws blade is blunt. In this situation remove it and replace with new sharp blade

in another development it may be that the lower jaws anvils are bad due to continuous usage.
Solution: remove it and replace with new good ones.

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