List of Kenya Duty Free or Tax Free Allowance Goods

List of Kenya Duty Free or Tax Free Allowance Goods

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You can be entitle to Kenya duty free  good either as a foreign traveler or a citizen. The Kenya duty free law is the same for both set of people. So, the information on this page which show you the type of items you can import and get them duty free is for both foreign travelers and Kenya citizens.

You are allowed, among other items, one motor vehicle (excluding buses and mini buses) into the country duty free subject to the following conditions:

  1. You must have resided outside Kenya for at least two years during which period you should not have visited Kenya for an aggregate of more than 90 days.
  2. You must have personally owned and used the motor vehicle for at least twelve months.
  3. The motor vehicle must not be older than 8 years.
  4. You must have attained the age of eighteen years.
  5. You must not have been granted a similar exemption previously.


Kenya Duty Free Personal or Household Effects

Other items that may be exempted when imported as baggage by a returning resident are:

  1. Wearing apparel
  2. Personal and household effects which were in his personal or household use in his former place of residence


Under Kenya duty free rules these following household effects conditionally included are duty-free. These include such items as carpets, paintings, tableware, linens, and similar household furnishings; tools of the trade, professional books, implements, and instruments.

For Customs purposes, clothing, jewelry, photography equipment, portable radios are considered personal effects but cannot be brought in duty-free as household effects. However, duty is usually waived on personal effects more than one year of age.

Consumables in small amounts of 1 liter of alcohol, a 250cl of perfume, 50 cigars, 200 cigarettes or 250g of tobacco are allowed duty free.


While this is so, government agencies, consulates, sporting teams, crews and many other group of people are allowed to bring in their goods duty free.

While some is unconditional some are with conditions.


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