Seychelles Import | Prohibited and Restricted Items

Seychelles Import | Prohibited and Restricted Items

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This page show you a list of number of Seychelles Importation prohibited and restricted items. You have to get yourself familiar with them so that whenever you are trying to import something, it will not be one of the items and you will be able to avoid problem with the country law enforcement agencies.



  1. Narcotics and dangerous drugs
  2. firearms, ammunition etc. including all fireworks
  3. Weapon such as spear, guns, mace, knuckle dusters or other similar weapons.
  4. Obscene publication (electronic or not)
  5. Sedition Materials.
  6. Wildlife or wildlife products. Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).
  7. Counterfeit coins, currency or other financial instrument.
  8. Toxic chemical like asbestos and dieldrin
  9. Military Uniform
  10. Body for motor vehicle.



  1. Pets –must be of good health certificate, valid vaccination certificates. Quarantine is required and the time of the quarantine depends on the country of origin of the animal.
  2. Currency – Local currency of up to SCR 2,000 (no limit on foreign currency)
  3. Weapons, blades and ammunition are allowed only with special permit
  4. Foodstuff will be allowed to be imported with permission from Ministry of Environment & Natural Resources contact
  5. Personal goods worth up to SCR 3000 (foodstuff is included in the allowance)
  6. All plants and plant products must have import permit issued by Seychelles prior to arriving and a phytosanity certificate issued by the National Protection Organization of the country of origin.
  7. All fruit, vegetable, plants, bulbs, seeds or other unprocessed plants products must be declared at customs and presented for quarantine inspection.
  8. All import of meat and meat products are subject to import regulation of Seychelles Veterinary Services.

While you are preparing a journey to Seychelles it is advisable to get more information from the Seychelles embassy in your residence country.


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