Sofia Airport Bulgaria | Duty Free Cigarette Price

Sofia Airport Bulgaria | Duty Free Cigarette Price

duty free cigarette bulgaria

There are many shops in Bulgaria where you can buy duty free cigarettes , tobacco and their related products at reasonable prices.

One of the sure places where cigarette and tobacco related products can be bought duty free is at one or two of the shopping outlets at Sofia Airport; Bulgaria. Terminal 1 and 2 house these shops.

Duty Free Cigarette and Tobacco Shops.
1. Buy and Bye Shop: this shop stock multi-various products including cigarette from the world popular producers such as BAT, Phillip Morris and including Cuba origin cigars. The shop is located at Sofia Airport terminal 1 and 2 just after the visa control.

2. La Casa Del Habano: this is where the real things about tobacco happen. This shop at Sofia Airport terminal 2 just after passport control stock nothing more than cigar, cigarette, cigarillos, tobacco and their related products. On display there are cigarette from world famous cigarette producers such as Phillips Morris, BAT, JTI, Imperial Tobacco and Karelia.

Some of the Havana origin cigars on display are: Cohiba, Montecristo, Partayas, Romeo y Julieta, H. Upman, Trinidada and many more.

They also stock cigars and cigarillos by Villiguer Sohne GMBH. Their accessories for pipe and cigars ranges from cutters to lighter, matches, humidor and many other.

The Cigarette Price
There is no fix price for any of these products in Bulgaria. The above mentioned two shops sell duty fee price yet the price are not fix. The price of cigar, cigarillos and cigarette are dictated by the brand you are buying, the country of origin and many other factors. So, because of these the price are not stable.

Sofia Airport is a popular place, you can check them out to know about the present price of any of the product, but have in mind you will get the bargain price.

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