The List of Nigerian Imported Goods and Items

nigerian imported goods


Nigerian Imported goods are very many, from the smallest ear-rings to the largest ship and the biggest manufacturing machines and they are brought from everywhere around the world.

The goods that are imported or that can be imported to Nigeria are too many for this page to occupy. The law of the land even legalized the importation of currency of any amount for both citizens and foreigners, only if the due process is followed. What more do we have to say.

If you are an aspired importer, you want to check the list to see an item importable that you may wish to import, sorry the list may not be available here.

As said above, the list of goods that can be imported into Nigeria is unlimited while the list of import prohibited goods to Nigeria is limited. So the best way advised to go about this is check the list of import prohibited goods in Nigeria.

By checking the list any good that you find not listed there can be import into Nigeria.

Remember you must pay, VAT, Custom Duty, Excise Duty and some other levy on all you importation. Cheer.



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