UCH Ibadan Direction: How to Get to The Teaching Hospital from Anywhere in Nigeria

UCH Ibadan, a university teaching hospital is not difficult to locate if you are not shy to ask people around you how to get there. If you are able to use google map and/or your car navigator you will be able to get there without problem, But how many people can use Google map or how many car owner can use their car installed navigation.

University College Hospital -UCH Ibadan- receive visitors from all over Nigeria and virtually from all over the world for these four reasons: treatment, visiting, education related matter, business and job opportunity. Therefore it is important to let you know how you can get yourself to the biggest teaching hospital in West Africa if you haven’t been there before.

From anywhere in the world -Asia, Europe, Americas and other part of Africa – get yourself to Nigeria.

From Nigeria -either by plane or car- get yourself to Ibadan. You can easily get plane or vehicle from anywhere in Nigeria to Ibadan ask anybody in any city you are coming from. Ibadan is the capital city of Oyo state and the biggest city in Africa as it is so said.

From anywhere in Ibadan:
If you come by plane you will alight at Ibadan new Airport at Alakia. From there take a cab going to Iwo Road. From Iwo Road under Bridge take a cab that is going directly to Mokola roundabout. Tell the driver of the cab to stop you at UCH Ibadan. You will be dropped in front of the hospital.

If there is no direct cab from iwo road under bridge to Mokola roundabout take a cab that is going to Gate and from gate take a cab going to Mokola Roundabout alight at UCH:

Coming from Northern Part of Nigeria
Any vehicle coming from anywhere in the Northern part of the country will stop at Ojoo or Sango. From sango or Ojoo take a vehicle going to Mokola Roundabout. From that place take a cab to UCH Ibadan.

From Ondo, Osun, Ekiti
Vehicles coming from that part of the country will stop at Iwo road or Gate. Take the route like 1 above.

From Ogun State:
Vehicle coming fromOgun state will stop at Challenge or Apata Ibadan. From there take a cab to Mokola Roundabout and from there take a cab to UCH.

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