You Can Bring Your Pets and Foodstuff into Seychelles But on Certain Conditions

Seychelles pet food


Many people who want to travel to Seychelles used to ask these two questions: Can I bring my pet along with me to Seychelles? And Is it allow to bring food into Seychelles?

It is  important to know the answers to these question so that when you get to Seychelles you will not be embarrass by the way you are treated or attended to at the airport or at any other point of entry the country.


Yes, a traveler is allowed to bring in his or her pet and/or foodstuff  to Seychelles on this following conditions:



The pet to be brought in

  1. Must be in good health certificate.
  2. The pet must must have a valid vaccination certificate
  3. The pet will require quarantine and the time of quarantine will depend on the country of origin of the animal
  4. Additional certification may be required
  5. For more information about this you are encourage to contact the Seychelles embassy in your resident country.


About Food or Foodstuffs

You can only be allowed to bring in your food and/or foodstuffs with the permission from the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources


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