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zimra traveler rebate


Zimra traveler rebate is a duty free allowance any traveler to Zimbabwe is entitle to on certain quota of certain import goods once within a calendar month.

The Zimbabwe traveler rebate is pegged US$300. As stated above not all import goods are qualify for traveler rebate and each eligible traveler qualify for it once in every calendar month.

Types: Zimra Traveler Rebate

Zimbabwe Traveler Duty free allowance is two types: Total Rebate and Partial Rebate.

While the former is applicable to all used personal effect which may include cloth and toiletries (excluding items such as radio set, camera and many other) the latter is the type granted on goods imported by traveler once a month on the date of his first entry into Zimbabwe in that calendar month.


The Conditions on which Zimra Traveler Rebate is Granted

Zimbabwe traveler allowance are granted only on the following condition

  • Goods must be properly declared
  • Goods must not be for commercial purpose
  • The value of the import goods must not exceed US$200

And if they are alcoholic beverage products, they must not be

  • More than 5 litres of which not more than 2 litres may be spirits and
  • The traveler must be 18 years old or above
  • The traveler must not be a crew member.

As contain in the Custom and Excise Act (chapter 23:02) as read with section 105 of the general regulation and section 12(3) of the value added tax Act (chapter 23:12) these following personal and common effects are excluded from Zimbabwe Traveler Rebate.

Blanket, refrigeration, laundry soap, cooking oil, stoves, beds, mattresses, flour, maize meal, sugar, meat, fish, powdered milk, yoghurt, cheese, egg, corn, puffs, jam, honey and many other.

For more information you can contact Zimbabwe Revenue Authority by visiting their head office at

ZB Centre
Cnr Nkwame Nkrumah Ave/ First Street
P O Box 4360

Or E-mail them at: pr@zimra.co.zw

Or go here.


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